4 Super Cute Crochet Pencil Toppers Free Amigurumi Patterns

croche pencil toppers

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Love spring and ice cream? Today I will show you a mini-collection of cute crochet pencil toppers. Interesting? In this tutorial, I will instruct you on how to crochet pencil toppers with a cute unicorn face and in an ice cream shape.

These will be the most first free amigurumi patterns that I would love to share with you. Don’t forget to check out and get your PDF pattern file of a bunny Easter Among Us style free amigurumi pattern here.

Now let’s get stared with the tutorial how to crochet pencil toppers ice cream unicorn style.


  • I used sport-weight yarns with colors: cream, yellow, pink, green, nude.
  • Hook: Size 1.5mm.
  • Scissors.
  • Pins and needles for sewing.
  • Black thread for sewing the eyes and mouth.
  • Stuffing (polyfill, cotton wool, etc.).


This pattern is written using US TERM. For beginners, please refer to this post to learn about all basic crochet stitches for beginners.


  • Make invisible decrease crochet stitches to have a better result.

Copyright: These crochet pencil toppers crochet pattern was written, designed, and copyright held by, Lennutas (shared free on lenxinh.com only). You are not permitted to copy, share, edit, upload or redistribute this pattern in any way, this includes making video tutorials or translating into other languages. Personal use only. You may sell products you have personally crocheted from using this pattern. Please credit Lennutas as the designer if you do sell.

Crochet Pencil Toppers Pattern

Now let’s get started to crochet an unicorn ice cream pencil topper.

Ice cream stick

Use nude yarn

  • Round 1: sc 5 into MR (5sts)
  • Round 2: inc 5 (10sts)
  • Round 3-12(10 rounds): sc 10 (10sts)
  • Round 13: BLO sc 10 (10sts)
  • Round 14-20(7 rounds): sc 10 (10sts)
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Cut the yarn, weave in. Do not stuff.

Unicorn ice cream

Start with cream yarn, change to pink yarn on BOLD stitches

  • Round 1: ch 6 (img.1), FLO ss 5 on stick (img.2-3), ch 7 (img.4), sc 6 (img.5), sc 11 (img.6), sc 17 (other side of the foundation chain) (img.7-8) (34sts)
  • Round 2-12(11 rounds): sc 34 (34sts)
  • Round 13: sc, sc 3, sc 30 (34sts)
  • Round 14: sc 4, sc 20,  sc 2, sc 7, sc (34sts)
  • Round 15: sc 5, sc 5, sc 3, sc 10, sc 4, sc 5, sc 2 (34sts)
  • Round 16: sc 6, sc 3, sc 5, sc 8, sc 6, sc 4, sc 2 (34sts)
  • Round 17: sc 7, sc 2, sc 6, sc 3, sc 2, sc 2, sc 7, sc 2, sc 3 (34sts)
  • Round 18: sc 34 (34sts)
  • Round 19: dec, sc 6, dec, sc 7, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 7 (30sts)
  • Round 20: (dec, sc 3) 6 times (24sts)
  • Round 21: (dec, sc 2) 6 times (18sts)
  • Round 22: (dec, sc) 6 times (12sts)
  • Round 23: dec 6 (6sts)

Cut the yarn, weave in. (img.9)

crochet pencil toppers


Use orange yarn

  • Round 1: sc 5 into MR (5sts)
  • Round 2: inc, sc 4 (6sts)
  • Round 3: inc, sc 5(7sts)
  • Round 4: inc, sc 6(8sts)
  • Round 5: inc, sc 7 (9sts)
  • Round 6: inc, sc 8(10sts)
  • Round 7: inc, sc 9 (11sts)

Cut the yarn, leave a long tail to sew. (img.10)


crochet pencil toppers

Ears – make 2

Start with cream yarn, change to pink yarn on BOLD stitches

  • Round 1: sc 6 into MR (6sts)
  • Round 2: (sc, inc) 3 times (9sts)
  • Round 3: sc, sc, sc 7 (9sts)
  • Round 4: sc 2, inc, sc 2 (12sts)
  • Round 5: sc 2, sc 4, sc 10 (12sts)

Cut the yarn, leave a long tail to sew. (img.11)

crochet pencil toppers


Make 3 pieces with various colors as your choice

  • Ch 5
  • Ss to the 2nd ch from the hook, inc 2, sc (6sts)

Cut the yarn, leave a long tail to sew. (img.12)


  • Sew the horn on the top.
  • Sew the ears on round 22 to round 18.
  • Sew the mane on round 22 between the ears.
  • Embroider the eyes between round 12 and 13.
  • Embroider the mouth on round 8.

Congratulation! We got it done beautifully! Thanks to crochet pencil toppers free pattern by @Lennutas.

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You will want more other pencil toppers free pattern for your kids, I will publish more next week.

Don’t forget to come back and check more free amigurumi patterns on my blog guys. I will publish more adorable patterns weekly.

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